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Organize Your Mess Before You Move

January 15, 2018

Packing a disorganized or messy room when moving can be quite a challenge. To avoid taking all of this clutter with you, it’s best to clean up your mess before moving; but where should you start start? Fitting your furniture, appliances and clothing into your new place is complicated enough; the last thing you want to allocate space for is useless paperwork, boxes and bags of trash, old toys and other disorderly collections! Be sure to follow a few key organizing tips before you pack up and leave.



Organize Before You Pack

Start with 3 piles, divide your clothes and items into piles named:


1. Keep

The stuff you need, use, and have a use for at your new home.


2. Throw Away

When you start going through your room be honest (have I touched this in 6 months? Do I need it?).


3. Donate

Helping those in need while making a fresh start. Your junk might be someone else’s treasure. Donate gently used clothing, toys and furniture to charity organizations such as The Salvation Army.


Don’t get rid of everything (this is a move, not a cleanse!), so if you have room, hang on to family heirlooms and items with sentimental significance to you and your family.


Try a Moving Mobile App

There are some apps you can download to help you organize your mess before you move. Sortly is an app that helps with organization of your belongings, keeping a visual inventory and creating labels for your packing boxes. You can also use the Snap ‘n Pack Moving Assistant app to make moving labels with a handy QR code that will list the items inside the box when you need to unpack. Other moving apps that can help you stay organized include Home Move Pro, First Home Checklist, MoveAdvisor, and more! So, if you’re feeling anxious about organizing a big ol’ mess before you move, remember there are several steps you can take to make the process easier.

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