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Getting Connected in One Call (yes, it's possible!)

January 22, 2018




If your boss asked you to stick around on Friday afternoon for an additional, oh I don't know, 7 hours, would you do it? 


Now what if your boss said you weren't getting paid for it? Yeah, I'm pretty sure you'd pass... so when would you work 7 hours for free? When you're moving? If you don't call Direct Home Connect, you will be!



The longest part of your move can often be setting up your home services and utilities. It doesn't seem like a big deal, until you put a timer on in. How long does it really take?


* find the best deal on cable or satellite & schedule installation (1-2 hours)

* get your internet connected, after finding the best deal (1-2 hours)

* look for someone who installs home security in the area (1-2 hours)

* connect with the post office and forward your mail (1-2 hours)

* turning on the power (and if deregulated, find the best deal on energy) (1-2 hours)

* speaking with the town to get your water flowing (1-2 hours)

* turning on the gas for your stove or water heater (1-2 hours)


According to these estimates, this process can take anywhere from 7-14 hours (estimates based on data needed to onboard and average hold times). This process is extremely arduous because you may be completely unfamiliar with the energy companies, cable companies or security providers in your new home town. Not to mention, you need to redundantly give your personal information EVERY TIME - entering data into every one of these systems, as none of them work together, or can easily input your personal data. 


Direct Home Connect takes your information ONE TIME. Because we have relationships with the service providers, we provide the best services, at the lowest rates, saving you hours on the phone. 



Our services are ABSOLUTELY FREE.

If you are moving, don't go it alone. Direct Home Connect can save you time, and money. Questions about our services? We'd be happy to hear from you - call or chat today!

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