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Net neutrality and the repeal. Will it impact the cost of internet access?

March 5, 2018




The Short Answer - Eventually

While we are still a few years off before feeling the true impact of what cable and internet provides will start tinkering with, it will come in time. ISP's are claiming this allows them to provide faster services for gamers, developers and those that need optimum transfer speeds to play a game or do their job.


But what about you?

If you are a moderate user or a "streamer of content" using applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime or HULU, the ability to watch these services (unimpeded) will still be very possible but it's going to cost you. While no one really knows how much data will cost, or what separates moderate and heavy users, one thing is for sure - access to the internet will change.


While industry experts say "this is a good thing", stating that ISP's will be able to provide more competitive pricing plans for people paying too much based on their minimal use, that is true... for your grandparents. If Nana and Pop-pop pay $69.99 a month for high speed internet so they can send your mom pictures of their last cruise, then YES, THEY WILL SAVE MONEY! There will more than likely be a plan for $39.99, offer a minimal internet package, and yes, that will save your grandparents money, so it's not a lie - but it's not the truth. Neutrality's repeal will impact anyone using the internet for anything beyond texting a picture once a week, or checking their Earthlink or AOL emails (yes, they are still out there, I swear!).


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Net Neutrality (Wikipedia)

Network neutrality is the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. Internet traffic includes all of the different messages, files and data sent over the Internet, including, for example, emails, digital audio files, digital video files, etc. According to Columbia Law School professor Tim Wu, the best way to explain network neutrality is that a public information network will end up being most useful if all content, websites, and platforms (e.g., mobile devices, video game consoles, etc.) are treated equally.


Click here to learn more about Net Neutrality:





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