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Move with Minimal Damage

March 12, 2018



From scratching paint off the walls when carrying out furniture, to scuffing the floor, accidents can happen - especially when moving. With a few preventive steps, you can add an extra layer of protection on moving day. 




If you are selling your house or just looking to get your deposit back, it’s important to avoid causing damage while you’re moving out. Scraped floors, paint chips and dings can all add up. The good news? These are easily preventable and here are the common trouble areas to pay attention to:


   * Floors

   * Walls

   * Doors (and Door Frames)

   * Banisters and Railings




When you pack properly, your stuff stays safe in transit, by using quality moving supplies is highly recommended. It’s best to use new, high-quality boxes, though found or re-used boxes can be less expensive, the quality can be reduced after repeated use, causing them to crush or break down more easily. If you’re moving things like lamps, a large television or hanging clothes, you may want to consider boxes made just for specialty items, such as lamp boxes, wardrobe boxes and TV boxes.



With wooden or leather furniture, it's recommended to wrap in paper padding or furniture pads before covering in plastic wrap. This is to eliminate condensation, which can collect under the stretch wrap and cause damage. Upholstered furniture doesn’t sweat like wooden and leather furniture, so stretch wrap is normally the best option to protect from dust.




Lifting and carrying heavy items, repetitive motion and long days can spell trouble. Take breaks when you need them, and keep your HEALTH in mind - moving is a lot of work!


According to Occupational Health and Safety, back injuries can occur from lifting, pulling, pushing or carrying heavy items. Lift properly. Practice proper box lifting technique — bending at the knees and not at the waist. Keep boxes to a manageable weight. We recommend keeping box weight under 40 lbs. This makes them easier to lift and carry. If items are heavier, use a partner or a moving dolly.Watch your hands and feet



If it's a nice day, it may be tempting to go casual in flip flops. It's best to wear supportive, closed-toe shoes (steel-toe shoes are ideal). Stubbing your toe or dropping things on your feet could put a damper on moving day. Wearing gloves with help to protect your hands from cuts and pinching by wearing gloves. 



For moving your cable service, satellite, internet, security, phone and turning on your electricity, water and gas, call Direct Home Connect. We can activate all of these services in ONE CALL, and provide special equipment offers and the lowest rates on services you may want or already have. 



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