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Before you buy, TASTE THE WATER.

March 26, 2018

When looking to purchase a new home, it's a good exercise to create a checklist of things we would like, need, or can't live without. This could be anything from a specific neighborhood, amount of bedrooms or bathrooms, flooring, countertops, a second floor, garage... there are a lot of things we consider when buying a new home.


With all these things making or breaking your decisions, did you ever think about your water?


What does it taste like?

Does it taste or smell like a swimming pool?

Will you need to filter it to make it drinkable? How long do those filters last? And what do they cost?

Is it HARD water? Will it leave you itchy after a shower?

Will it leave splotchy marks all over your car after hosing it down?



If your home inspector says "the water is good", be sure to ask for a sample, and heck, ask him if you can taste a glass. Sure, this doesn't seem like a big deal now, but some things you need to consider with hard water or bad tasting water.


Water Filtration

Some systems can plug right on to your kitchen faucet, and more advanced models that can be installed below your countertop; they have changeable filters that can last anywhere from a few months to half a year, or filter about 200 gallons of water. These filtration systems can cost anywhere from $25-$40 and the filters themselves can cost between $8-$10 each. While this is not a substantial expense, it can be a tedious thing to keep track of.  


Water Softener

This requires professionals! With hard softening systems, you are looking at a full-scale construction project. Most units will cost in the $400-$700 range, however after installation costs, the national average is around $3,000. Keep in mind a hard water testing kit can be purchased online, or in any home improvement store for around $10.


Moving comes with it's own share of challenges, but Direct Home Connect can help! We can relocate your home services (internet, cable, satellite, security and phone) and reconnect your utilities (energy, water, gas) IN A SINGLE CALL. Click Chat with us to learn more about how we can save you time and money on your next move! 



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