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How To "Tangle" With Jewelry, When Packing

April 16, 2018


When packing jewelry for your move, there are ways to avoid the dreaded "TANGLE". Here are a few tips to keep your jewelry from getting tangled or broken and to make sure that they reach your new house perfectly intact. So let's break it down by category, and let's start with the chief offender; necklaces and bracelets with chains are typically the reason for tangles. 


Necklaces & Bracelets

Rubber bands: Having already been wrapped in protective layers of insulation material of your choice, you may choose to tie them together with elastic rubber bands so that they stay together until the new destination is reached.

Ziploc bags: If you don’t own a jewelry box, you’re encouraged to place your jewels into sealable storage bags (Ziploc bags) for utmost protection, including against moisture.

Drinking straws: This is a fool-proof method to prevent any chained piece of yours from getting tangled in itself. Just take a regular drinking straw (cut it if it’s too long), slip the chain through it and clasp the ends. This way the chain will be kept straight and will be sufficiently protected during the move.

Toilet paper rolls: Larger necklaces and bracelets have thicker chains that may not fit into straws. In such cases, use empty toilet paper rolls instead of straws. Yes, you’re right – it may not look too pretty but it will get the job done.

Wrapping paper: Wrap each piece carefully in clear soft packing paper to cushion any impact during transit. Avoid using newsprint, for your favorite decorative objects will probably get stained from the ink and the required cleaning time aside, they may even get ruined. Alternatively, instead of wrapping paper, a roll of plastic wrap (saran wrap) will also do a great job.



Pill organizers: Smaller earrings, especially stud ones, are best stored in day-of-the-week pill cases. Place each pair in a separate slot and wrap the entire pill organizer with sufficient layers of packing paper or bubble wrap.

Cardboard cards: Cut out several credit card-sized rectangular cards from a useless moving box, use a safety pin to poke a couple of holes in each one and attach your pairs of earrings to the cardboard cut-outs. This method is especially efficient for long earrings. It’s a good idea to tape the hooks on the card backs so that the former won’t slip out while on the move.



Egg carton: Using an egg carton as a transportation recipient may look a bit unusual but this unorthodox method has been proven to work every single time. Be sure the egg carton is clean and sturdy and place your rings into its individual cups. Multiple rings can be stored in each compartment, as well as your favorite earrings. When you’re ready arranging your ornaments, place some packing paper or cotton on top of each cup as a padding material and then wrap the entire carton with thin plastic wrap to keep the pieces in place.

Hard sunglasses case: If you possess such a hard case and you don’t currently need it for your sunglasses, then you have the perfect ring carrier. Just wrap each ring in wrapping paper for added protection and place it inside the case – the hard external shell will safeguard your precious jewelry. Also, such a hard case will fit your earrings as well.


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