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New Kitchen, and Storage Ideas

May 21, 2018



Moving into a new home with a new kitchen can come with it's share of challenges. With any kitchen, when it comes to your pantry and storage space, keeping it all organized is key. Whether you have a designated pantry, or if you are trying to re-define a new pantry-space in a small or crowded kitchen, there are ways to organize your stored goods. Here are a few traditional and non-traditional ways to get your kitchen storage situation in order. 


Pull Out Your Pantry

If you lack space, consider creating a pull-out pantry in your kitchen area. These have built-in organizers to keep spices, utensils, and culinary goods in their dedicated spot, and you will be able to see what you have at-a-glance.


Use Under-the-Cabinet Space

Along the same lines as pull-outs are under-the-cabinet style organizers with a built-in lazy-Susan, which revolves and prevents supplies from getting trapped in the back of a deep cupboard or space. These optimize your existing cabinet space, making it more practical to be used as a pantry.


Claim a Closet

Take over a closet in or near the kitchen to use as your pantry. Depending on the configuration, you will have space for floor-to-ceiling storage, plus the room to hang herbs, store crockery, or prepare food!


Think Vertically

When you need to make the most of your pantry space, use vertical storage with racks, shelves, or even baskets that you suspend from above. Line the walls with slatted shelving or peg-boards to hang each and every utensil, tool, or item that you want to tuck away. Place items that you don't use as often on the highest shelves, and keep things you use daily closer at-hand.


Use these tips to create a pantry storage space – even in the smallest of kitchens. You will enjoy knowing that you are well-stocked and that the items you use regularly are within reach, while also creating an organizational system that works well for you.


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