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Storage Sheds, Reimagined

June 18, 2018



If your new home has a storage shed in the backyard, you are in luck. Many people use their sheds for, well, storage... but if you don’t have a riding mower or a lot of garden tools, do you really need to use this space as a "storage shed"?


Designers, and DIY enthusiasts are reinventing the storage shed and what other options are available. Your imagination is the only limit on ways they can be designed to suit your needs.



We can consider the she-shed as the turning point in the shed-redesign world. It was only a matter of time before the "man-cave" was met with an equal, less football-centric place to sit down with a cup of coffee, and chill. She-sheds are now taking over America, and redefining our uses for these bonus rooms. Whether you are sewing, knitting, drafting, carving, etching, exercising or curling up with a book, this is a great use of space and essentially adds another room to your home!



Organizing your tool collection for easy access will essentially turn your garden shed into a full-blown workshop. If you are a woodworker, welder, or a tinkerer, having a designated workspace with encourage you to get out there and work!


Pro-tip: if you are hooking up multiple machines, make sure you have ample power running to your shed; running belt sanders, saws and other power tools may trip circuits if you are sharing power with another room.



If you are into the arts, a shed can be a great place to escape to. For artists, painting, sculpting or writing, a quite studio can be the perfect place to foster creativity and create fabulous works of art. If you are a musician (with kids), a shed makes the perfect practice space, or recording studio. The beauty of having a separate building, using sound proofing techniques with insulation, and sound absorption foam and fabrics, you can get as loud as you want and not bother the family.



If you work from home, an outdoor office can be a great place to commute to. Working in your home, many things can pull you away from work, especially if your family is home during work hours. Being able to "go to work", this is a great way to be sure you get your work done. It's also a great way to shut work down; Friday afternoon, you send out that last email, close your laptop, and close up shop. The shed-office is also a great way to free up another bedroom in your new home. 



It's all about the kids! Having a place to get away from the grown ups can be very liberating for kids, especially when it's time for a sleep over. When designing and furnishing a shed for your kids, keep 2 things in mind:

1. Kids DESTROY stuff

2. Kids DESTROY stuff

If you are insulating and sheet-rocking your shed, be sure to use high-gloss paint, stain resistant - red Kool Aide is very unforgiving. Using outdoor carpets to line the floor will allow you to pull them out and hose them down, just in case that Frozen-Sleepover-Ice-Cream party gets a little crazy.


Pro-tip: Hit up CRAIGSLIST for a FREE TV.

With flatscreen TV's going for $99, many people are upgrading, and are posting their old CRT TV's for FREE on Craigslist. Save the money, and let them have fun! You also don't have to worry about kids breaking an LCD, or ripping it off the wall. Just make sure the TV  has HDMI inputs for optimal use with Blue-ray, Apple TV hookups or modern gaming systems. 


As always, when moving into your new home, call Direct Home Connect to relocate your home services and utilities. Click Chat with us to learn more about our relocation services.


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