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Is a DIY Move Worth it?

October 1, 2018



Many new home buyers question whether or not to use a PRO MOVER. Most folks think the cost can be too great, but have you done the math? Do you know how much it costs to actually move your own stuff, especially if you don't have 3 younger brothers that are will to work for free, and they also own a few box trucks. 


Let's do the math together - simply fill out the worksheet below and get a better idea of what the self-move cost can actually be.


Afterwards, make a few calls - go ahead, they are free! Get estimates from three of your local, reputable moving companies. It will more than likely cost a little more to have someone do it for you, but there are many factors like lack of stress and peace of mind that you can’t put a price on.


Do It Yourself Project Planner: THE NUMBERS

$______________ Truck rental (make sure all is included such as drop off fees)

$______________ Mileage (if they charge for that)

$______________ Insurance (your insurance may or may not cover you driving a truck)

$______________ Gas (figure about 10 miles/gallon @ $2.50-3.50 per gallon)

$______________ Boxes (you’ll need 50-150 boxes most likely @ approx. $3/box)

$______________ Packing material (you’ll need bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, etc.)

$______________ Hotels (if it’s more than a 12 hour drive you’re best not to push it)

$______________ Pizza & beer (include your 3 brothers mentioned earlier, or best friends)

$______________ Hired labor (if you don’t, then you should hire someone to help with the big stuff, especially if there are any stairs at all. People get injured and belongings broken all too often trying to do more than they should.)

$______________ Other/Miscellaneous


$______________ TOTAL


Now the Pro-movers:

First, there’s renting a large moving truck and paying for the gas (at about ten miles per gallon) and possibly supplemental insurance.


If you’re driving a rented moving truck, your family will also need to transport your other vehicles to your new location. Add in those costs.


Estimate the costs of purchasing all the packing materials—reinforced boxes, padding, tape, etc., plus specialty packing for awkward and/or exceptionally valuable items like artwork or musical instruments.


Review the actual move logistics—you’ll need people at both ends of the move to help load, unload and set up all your belongings.


Do you feel secure in unloading and reconnecting your major appliances by yourselves?


The potential savings in time (the average household fills about 100 moving boxes, and that doesn’t even count furniture), stress and physical strain is likely to be, well, maybe not priceless, but well worth the investment in a professional service.


To move your utilities and home services, be sure to call Direct Home Connect. We relocate everything from energy, to internet, to home security and we do it all in one call. Click Chat with us to learn more. 

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