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Moving During the Holidays

December 24, 2018

Hard to believe, but people do purchase homes year round and that means they will be moving. 

Many people may think residential moving comes to a screeching halt during the holidays. While most people probably would not choose a Christmas move, sometimes it is inevitable. Jobs and career changes along with familial obligations rarely comply with our requests so a move can happen any time of the year.




Transitioning from an older home to a smaller more low-key residence?

Making the move to that dream home? The moving process can be stressful at the simplest of times; add in the holiday season and you could a recipe for disaster.


Making a move during the holidays does not have to turn you into a Scrooge! Here are some tips to make it manageable, heck, even enjoyable!


Flexibility is key during a holiday move. Your family may have traditions that cannot be implemented because everything you own is in a box or on a moving van. While you may not be able to have a Christmas dinner on your grandmother’s china, you can create a traditional experience if you remain flexible. Try purchasing “fancy” paper plates with cute cutlery and decorative plastic cups. Sure, it isn’t grandma’s, but it will be easier during a move. Keep those precious mementos of the holiday season unpacked until the last minute so you can enjoy them.


Keep some presents out. Opening a box full of things you already own isn’t much fun, especially when it involves unpacking. Unfortunately, unloading those boxes has to be done but you can still enjoy Christmas morning by unwrapping gifts as well. This is especially important if you have little children. They may understand that you have moved, but they won’t much get why Santa brought them a box of their own toys.


Try to stay in the giving spirit on Christmas morning, even if you aren’t fully unpacked. If you can, try and schedule your move for the week between Christmas and the New Year. Angie’s List suggests that this is great week to move because you may have access to a little extra help from family and friends who are off work. This is a great time to throw a post-Christmas bash and invite folks over for a good-bye/moving party.


Ideally, your move would take place during a different time of year. However, this just isn’t the case. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice holiday cheer. Take your time, remember the reason for the season, and trust your valuables to the professional moving company of your choice!


To make sure your home is ready for you to move in on day one, be sure to call Direct Home Connect! We can connect your utilities, and home services in a single call!

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