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Who to Notify When You Move

January 28, 2019

Moving into a new home can be quite a stress-inducing task. With so much to keep track of, many people forget to notify people that they are moving. In some cases, people simply forget to do this, despite it being incredibly important. This may result in a few missed birthday cards, or wedding invites. The best way to avoid this is to address it before moving. We put together a complete list of everyone you need to notify when moving.




If you have lived in your current house for quite some time, you must know your neighbours well. Leaving without saying goodbye to them is not the way you want to leave things. Additionally, you should also give your new address and contact details to the ones close to your house as they can keep an eye on any items that arrive for you after you move and send them to you with ease.


Friends and Family

Friends and family members are the first people you want to inform at such a time. Shifting houses and moving to a new location is definitely a rather big step in one’s life – this is why it makes sense for these people to be the first ones to know about it. While it is quite possible for them to find out that you’re moving to a new place through social media or from a mutual connection, they might not always be aware of your new address. Ensuring that they are adequately informed of all the necessary details is an essential step in the entire process.


Educational and Financial Institutions

If you are a college or university student, or you have kids that go to school, informing the educational institute of a change can be quite beneficial. Moving to a new place can involve a lot of work, and for that reason, it is possible for you or the kids to miss out on a few days of school. Informing the school prior to moving out can thus prevent confusion and aid you in catching up once you are done. Additionally, if you are moving quite far away from your old apartment or house, you will need to get admitted into a new institution altogether. In this case, informing the school and receiving a transfer certificate is even more important.Similarly, notifying one’s bank can prevent many issues that may arise otherwise. Things such as tax slips and checks or other very important items might be delivered to the wrong address and that is something which will undoubtedly lead to a lot of chaos and difficulty.



Moving to a new place can sometimes involve changing jobs because it is simply too far away to commute to your current office. In this case, informing your employer prior to the move can ensure that they have time to look up a replacement. In many cases, employers will also give a positive review of such a person to their next employer. This small favour you can do for your employer is an act of common courtesy you should definitely indulge in.


Services and Utilities (WE GOT THIS ONE!)

When moving out of a place, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is not cancelling utilities and other services that were being provided to their home Other utilities such as electricity and internet connections need to be ironed out before one moves out. At DIRECT HOME CONNECT, we relocate all of your utilities, and home services including TV, internet and security - and we do it all, in a single call.


If you are moving, get started by calling Direct Home Connect. Call today, and ask about our FREE home security system promotion, including a free video doorbell!

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