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Multi-Generational Families & Smart Home Technology

August 6, 2019

Home ownership is on the rise. Finding a home that fits your needs can be difficult, but searching for a new home with a multi-generational household can be downright impossible! With more families taking in mom or dad, and kids living at home well into their 20’s these days, a larger space can make a world of difference. Those living with large families of all ages know the special bonds and experiences that come from living life together.





As great as these households can be, this living situation come with a unique set of challenges. When so many people live so close together, it can be hard to keep things the way you like them or even keep your home efficient with so many users of your home’s amenities. The good news is that it only takes a few strategic “smart home” technology upgrades to make your home a better place to live for everyone under the roof.


ONIT Concierge partners with American Defense Systems, who provides our customers with smart home solutions. From security to automation, here are a few of our favorite features that can help make your new home safe and comfortable with smart home technology.



When it comes to personal preferences in the home, few things are as divisive as the lighting in a room. With the Qolsys IQ Lightbulb, connected to your smart security system, your entire family will have total control of each room. With a built in dimmer feature, your family can find the right amount of lighting. You can also schedule a nighttime mode to help the kids get to sleep easier.


Just a few IQ Lightbulbs can provide a wide range of lighting choices for every member of the family. Pairing your smart lights with your Qolsys Panel 2+, powered by the mobile app, will give you full control over your lights from the couch (or even from work), and special wall switches can toggle through the customized lighting modes at the touch of a button.


Every member of the family can have a lighting preset that matches their needs.



There are a few options when it comes to smart surveillance, but they all provide you and your entire family with visibility into your home.


Indoor cameras can let you know any time someone walks through the door, or an unwelcome guest tries to enter your home.


A video doorbell provides surveillance at your front door, with a wide angle lens that shows your entire front yard. When someone rings the bell or approaches the front door, you will get notified on your smartphone. You can answer the door and with a smart lock, you can even let them in and disarm your system. This is helpful if mom or dad loses a key and forgot their security system disarming code.



Family members of all ages love music, but as everyone knows, each generation has their own tastes and favorites. Smart speakers can help families share the classics when they’re together, and provide a musical oasis when you need some time to yourself.


American Defense Systems is offering a smart speaker as part of their new EVERYTHING package. With the Sonos Play 1, you can stream music directly from your phone. This device will make your living room the life of the party at the next family get-together, give teens a safe place for their personal playlist as they knock out a school project, or allow the grandparents to listen to their favorite podcasts in their own room.




Smart home security starts with the panel – American Defense Systems installs the Qolsys IQ Panel2+. This panel connects with all of your smart home devices and comes with some pretty impressive features that are built right in to the panel itself (like a 7-inch touchscreen display, photo-frame feature when panel is dormant, a built in camera & glass break detector).


The Qolsys panel is powered by the security platform. Not only is this convenient (security notifications on the go can be a lifesaver) but it makes managing your security system significantly easier for everyone in the home.


Unlike the traditional home security systems with clunky wall panels and limited features, your modern smart home will sync everything to your panel. Cameras and sensors in today’s systems can be automatically activated when you leave, and deactivated by the presence of a connected smartphone or even a small keychain fob.


With the previously mentioned smart locks, you can provide 4 digit codes to your parents or kids to enter. Now you can know when they get home from school, because you can also receive a real-time text alert when they arrive. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally setting off an alarm that may startle them, either. Everything can be automated and controlled via an app, reducing the risk of false alarms.



As you plan how to arrange (or rearrange) your living space to accommodate your family of all ages, consider how a smart home can bring your multi-generational family closer together and make every space feel more personal at the same time.


To learn more about the EVERYTHING Package, and get your system professionally installed, call today. ONIT Concierge can also help relocate your cable, satellite, internet and utilities in a single call!



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