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Throwing a Move-In Party

August 27, 2019



Moving into a new home requires some thought, planning and can cause quite a bit of stress. Why not have some fun in your last few days in your current home with a Packing Party? Better yet, why not throw a Move-In Party at the new place! Think about this: your friends, family, colleagues – all coming out to check out your new home, get the lay of the land in your new neighborhood and do some unpacking while they are at it! 



With a Packing Party, start by setting a convenient date for everyone invited. Packing requires a bit more alertness, so you may want to focus more on something simple - pizza, soda, pack. It’s also best NOT to invite “strangers” or people you’ve just met. Keep your Packing Party limited to close friends and family. You don’t want someone you just met going through your belongings, and walking around your home unattended.


You can ask your friends to bring drinks or a bag of chips, or even some left over packing supplies they may have kicking around the basement (this is situational, only ask your friends that have recently moved for this stuff). That’s going to get you a step ahead with the packing.



Don’t forget about the kids! Your kids would love to see their friends over too - especially the neighborhood kids that they may not see as much after the move. Relocating can be hard on kids, so be sure to touch base with the parents of their friends, exchange contact info and stay in touch. You never know how long these friendships will last, so be sure to get those numbers and email addresses!


Packing may not be something your younger kids and their friends are able to help with. Prepare some fun and games that are appropriate for their age group. Also limit the amount of snacks and juice boxes you hand out. Kids have a tendency to overindulge when given the opportunity, especially when it comes to ice cream or sweets!



It starts with planning. You can start by sending out invitations, but be transparent – this is a party, but may include some heavy lifting! A messy living room is not a good "party environment". In a new house, this isn’t typically a big deal, but you will want to keep the party space clear of boxes or you can move it outside. Being out on the patio or around the grill, allows you to easily hand out burgers and you should keep coolers around to grab a quick drink. No one wants to party in a living room full of boxes.



Do you have a friend that loves photography? Ask them to bring their camera to take pictures during the party. You can even stack some boxes strategically to create a great spot for people to post on Instagram. Insta-frames are pretty popular these days and having one at your move-in party will make for a memorable night!



Plates, dishes, pots and pans may all be packed up during the move. Be sure to separate or unpack any dish-ware and cooking utensils you may need before the party starts. Don’t think you need to break out the fine china, plastic plates and cups will do. This also makes cleaning a breeze - no washing of dishes, glasses or silverware.


Moving may not always be enjoyable, or easy. With ONIT Concierge, you can relocate your utilities and home services in a single call. Call today to learn more!



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