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Better Wifi Connectivity With Prime Location

September 12, 2019

The placement of your wifi router can drastically effect your internet speeds. High-speed internet is an absolute necessity these days, connecting all of our devices and for some of us, our "smart TV". This is especially important to the folks that have “cut the cable”. Buffering when you are trying to watch Netflix is just not going to cut it! So how does one minimize buffer, while maximizing the efficacy of your router.




The best router location in any house is high off the floor and out in the open, close to the ceiling and the center of the house. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding where you wifi router is going to live in your new home.





This places your router in the middle of your home, and should help evenly spread signal throughout. If your installer is able to use basement access to place the router anywhere on the first floor, closets are a good place to keep your router hidden. Placing the router behind a couch, or in an office under the desk are also highly recommended locations. If you can’t keep it in the line of sight of your PC, laptop, or game console this should provide the highest speeds possible - keep it close to whichever device you use the most.



If you can hide the wires, and strategically hide your router, this a great place to broadcast signal. It assures your router is high up off the ground, and close to the center of the home. While it might not be the most attractive thing to place beside your porcelain cat figurines, getting that router higher up in the room may be worth it for the boosted signal.



Try readjusting your router antennas for better reach. Pointing the antenna upward sends the signal farther out horizontally, while pointing it sideways will do the same vertically. You can also purchase a signal booster to increase your signal strength. 





Your appliances can disrupt wireless signal and so can your microwave — the two devices use the same frequency. If your signal wigs out every time you microwave something, or if your Wi-Fi is unexplainably weak, put some distance between the kitchen and your router. 


In theory, this can seem like a good place to put your router, especially if you have a wide-open basement. You will need to consider the signal traveling up, especially if you have thicker tile floors or if your home is multiple stories. If your internet provider is recommending to install your router in the basement, be sure to tell them you’d prefer having faster speeds in the rest of your home… unless you have a gaming man-cave in the basement, and in that case, have at it! Some parts of your home will significantly dampen your Wi-Fi signal. Keep in mind, multiple walls can dampen Wi-Fi signals significantly.


To get your internet connected, or relocate all of your utilities and home services, be sure to contact ONIT Concierge. We move all of your home services in a single call, saving you time and money.


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