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September 25, 2019

When purchasing your second home, there is a timing issue you will need to work through. While this can also be the case in a rental situation, you may need to move quickly because closing dates have changed. In short, when you need to move quickly, you need to have a plan in place.




Packing efficiently will actually help save you time, so this is an important place to start. Anyone can throw a pile of clothes in a box, slap some tape on it and toss it on a truck. Taking the time to pack efficiently is worth it – with packing your belongings, and especially unpacking them! Here are a few action items you can implement to keep you on track.


INVENTORY: If you have time, create an inventory of your home to decide what things you are taking with you. The less you have to pack, the less boxes and bubble wrap you need. It also will take up less room in the movers’ truck and may minimize cost or trips back and forth between homes.


A LITTLE HELP: Packing up a home, be it an apartment or an entire house, can be a lot of work so don’t go at it alone! Ask your friends, family and neighbors to help you get things started. While you can trust your movers to move appliances and furniture, they can also move everything else QUICKLY if you can get all of your stuff into boxes and labeled.


I’m a huge fan of color labeling. For example, blue = kitchen, green = living room, yellow = bedroom.  Then you can stick a piece of paper with the matching color up in each room so the movers can quickly identify where things are going.



Keeping to a tight timeline is typical in most moving situations. Your inspection needs to take place, home insurance needs to be acquired and your closing date has the ability to change frequently. When you are trying to move quickly, organization is key. Creating a customized day-by-day packing calendar leading up to move out/move in day will make the most of the usable time you have left.


PRIORITIZE: Start with the toughest rooms first. Pack items you use LEAST before the ones you use often, and when the truck arrives – THE HEAVY STUFF GOES IN FIRST!


STOCK UP: Be sure to have your moving supplies ready to go no matter how far away your move is. Tape, boxes and bubble wrap are always available in store and online. Having a back-stock of these items can play a critical role in when you are able to get started! The sooner you start, the faster you will get everything packed.


In order to save time, be effective and simplify your move, be sure to call ONIT Concierge. We can get your internet connected, or relocate all of your utilities and home services in a single call, saving you time and money.  



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