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Upsizing Or Downsizing

October 3, 2019

We see it all the time, most people moving into a new home have a "size-driven" agenda.


A young growing family, ready to have a second or third child and need more room - meet our “UPSIZER”.

On the other side of the spectrum

A family that is sending their youngest child off to college and have no need for all of those empty bedrooms - meet our “DOWNSIZER”.


We’ve put together some tips that will get you thinking about simplifying your move no matter what size home you are moving in to!





Furniture Size
Your current home may be the perfect size for your couch, TV and bedroom set. What many people don’t account for is smaller room sizes in bigger homes. For example, if you have a large wrap around couch in your 2 bedroom ranch home, it may not fit into your smaller colonial style home which have (notoriously) smaller living rooms. These homes were designed to have more rooms with a nominal increase in square footage. If you are moving into a new home - even if it has more square footage, measure your rooms and measure your furniture. Style, design and aesthetic are all good things, but nothing beats math - form follows function!


Second Floor Access

This also speaks to the “measure your furniture” request, but this is critical. I can’t tell you how many times I have been helping a friend move, and we've spent an entire afternoon on a mattress! Trying to fit a king sized mattress up a narrow stairway and around a corner that was way too sharp can often end in failure. This can also dictate whether or not you will be keeping your older, larger, already assembled furniture, or if a trip to Ikea is in order.


Smart Design

If you have artwork that fits your aesthetic in your current home, it may not work so well in your new space. This is apparent in mid-century-modern designed homes. High vaulted ceilings may play well with a more vintage or deco wall decor, and not so well with country kitsch design elements. You will want to have wall treatments that fit your style, but work with the architecture. Size and scale also matters; nothing looks more drab than a giant accent wall with a single, small piece of artwork on it. Be sure to complement the space. A big wall means big artwork will look right at home, so go all out!





Start By Streamlining
Most folks downsizing have lived in their large home for years and have acquired a lot of stuff. When downsizing, it’s a great time to go through everything and keep the possessions you can’t live without. Things that are replaceable are just that – things that aren’t necessary and you can always reacquire them if needed. It's also a good idea to whittle down the things you need to move before you start packing. This helps the packing a moving process go much smoother. 


Storage Limitations

Living in a large home with a lot of storage, it’s easy to accumulate and hoard things or even worse, acquire multiples. When you have a smaller space, you have to have the mindset of use it or lose it. Cut out duplicates - if you have multiple sets of dishes and glasses, or different sets of silverware, think about how much you really use them. Once or twice a year? Are they really necessary? While duplicates may be convenient in a larger home, these extras simply won’t fit in a smaller space.


House Guest Accommodations

This may not be in the front of your mind when you are thinking about downsizing, but it matters. You still have friends, you still have family and they will still want to swing by and maybe stay a while - especially during the holidays. So while you may think you can get away with a one bedroom home, be sure you at least have a pull out couch to accommodate overnight guests. In a bigger home, this is often overlooked. With a smaller home, this is something you should consider before buying.



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