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Keeping Your Energy Use In Check

November 7, 2019


A modern home may be smarter than ever, but they’re not always running efficiently. It's always helpful to look at your home’s energy usage and to take steps towards using less energy overall.



There is a strong connection between energy and the environment. When you use less energy, you help conserve resources otherwise burned for that energy consumption in a plant. Here are some simple tips and tricks for keeping your energy bills down.



Washing machines are much more energy-efficient than they used to be, but making some small changes in how you wash your clothes can make a big difference in your home’s energy consumption. Wash and dry full loads instead of small loads, and wash on cold instead of hot. About 80 to 90 percent of the energy used by washing machines is for heating water. Hot water washes can cost more than 10X - $.64 cents per HOT wash, $.04 per COLD wash.



Home computers can be a huge source of phantom energy, utilizing power even when they’re just sitting there. To lessen this impact, put your computer in sleep mode (sometimes called “hibernate” mode) when it’s not in use.


A laptop in sleep mode will use only about two watts of power, versus 15-60 watts when in use. For a desktop with a monitor, it’s about 5-10 watts when in sleep mode versus 65 to 220 watts when in use. In addition to utilizing your laptop’s sleep option, remember that there’s no need to charge it when you’re not using it. Chances are you’ll fill up your battery long before you remember to finally unplug it.



Halloween may be over, but "energy vampires" may still be lurking around your home. These are those sneaky power-suckers that utilize energy even when you think they’re not. This would be referencing things like a plugged in cord that aren’t currently charging anything and even the coffee pot you leave plugged in when you only make coffee once a day. And their energy use adds up, accounting for as much as 20 percent of your monthly electricity bill.


Plug your cords into power strips, which can be easily switched off when not in use. And if it’s an item you don’t use frequently—say, that once-a-day coffee maker—keep it unplugged except when you actually need to use it.



If your home doesn’t already use LED bulbs, now is the time to swap them in. LED lighting might cost you a bit more up front than halogen incandescent bulbs or fluorescent bulbs, but you can save $45 a year just switching out five older bulbs with LEDs.


With a smart home setup, you can control your lighting from your smartphone. This allows you to keep tabs on your lighting by being able to see if any lights were left on, and remotely shut them down. 



Chances are you’re wasting a lot of energy heating or cooling rooms that aren’t used very often. With, a remote thermostat and complete security system are just a call away. Select plans even offer a smart thermostat for FREE. This level of control won't just save you energy and money, the integrated security system will also protect your home.


Saving energy is great, but turning it on has never been easier. Be sure to speak with ONIT Concierge to turn on your power, and connect your cable, water, internet, gas and home security. Call today to learn more! 800-610-2139



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