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Water Quality At Your New Home

December 17, 2019

Water Purification: This seems like an afterthought when we search for our dream home, but it is something that will effect you every single day - how good is the water in your new home?



Whether you are hooked up to city water or using a 100 foot, or 400 foot deep well, the quality of your water can change from home to home. A variety of things can effect the water quality - your well pump, the piping used to get the water from the city lines and even your faucets.


When you are in the market for a new home, be sure to do a quick water test. Go ahead, fill up a water bottle from the tap and take a sip. The realtor won't mind. This is pretty vital - think about it, this same water is going to make your morning coffee every day, and fill your sippy cups, and mix your hot chocolate when you settle in for a Christmas Movie Marathon.  


What does this water taste like? If there is a strong chlorine smell or taste, you may want to look into a water purification system.


Good tasting water may still be HARD. Hard water can leave you itchy after a shower,

or leave splotchy marks all over your car after hosing it down. It can be undetectable without a test but these warning signs will let you know you have hard water.



Water Filtration

Some systems can plug right on to your kitchen faucet, and more advanced models that can be installed below your countertop; they have changeable filters that can last anywhere from a few months to half a year, or filter about 200 gallons of water. 


Water Softener

With hard softening systems, this will require professional installation. 


While ONIT Concierge can relocate your home services and your utilities, we can also help with your water purification!


Click the link to learn more about our new Water Purification devision at ONIT. We provide complete water purification, water softening and water filtration systems, professionally installed and offer finance options for low monthly payments, and no money down. 


ONIT Water LLC: 

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