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January 15, 2020

Moving isn’t exactly known for being an environmentally-friendly process. Sure, moving boxes are recyclable, but along the way most movers accumulate a lot of trash, waste a lot of materials, and do a lot of driving. And with the average American moving 11.4 times in their lifetime (and many people moving more than that), each of us makes a pretty big environmental impact over the course of our moves.


Fortunately, it is actually rather simple to reduce your carbon footprint by embracing green moving, especially when you plan ahead. Do the planet – and in most cases, your pocketbook – a favor by incorporating these eco-friendly tips into your next move.





Try to make the fewest amount of trips possible with your move. Skip the small trips to and from your new place and focus on getting all of your items shipped by your movers on moving day. If you do plan to do some of the moving yourself, pack as much as possible into your car or van instead of doing it little by little. The less trips you can make during your move, the better.



You’re likely always going to need some boxes for your move, but you can greatly cut down on the total amount by using containers you already have to pack up your items. These include:

If you have an item that can fit other things inside of it, fill it up before packing it. For example, line your small bathroom trash bin with a fresh garbage bag and use it to store items from under your sink. The more you can fit in containers you already have, the more you can avoid having to rely on purchased moving boxes.

  • Plastic bins

  • Suitcases

  • Dresser drawers

  • Gym bags and duffel bags

  • Reusable grocery totes

SAVE BOXES (if you have room)

Online shopping isn’t the most environmentally conscious way to stock up on what you need, but it’s a pretty standard part of modern life so may as well have the boxes your items come in do double duty.


Break them down and store them in your garage or basement or even under you bed, anywhere they’re out of sight and mind until the time comes when you can use them again.



To move green, only buy brand new moving boxes as a last resort and try to compile used boxes from other places first.


Call friends, family members, and local grocery and retail stores and put out a general post on your social media pages to see if anyone has spare boxes you can pick up. It's also helpful to check out Craigslist to see if there are people giving away free moving boxes in your area.



Unlike cardboard boxes, other packing materials – in particular the materials you use to wrap up your items for safe traveling – are not so easily recycled. While you can recycle those materials at special collection points, many people fail to do so, and instead end up tossing a lot of their packing materials in the trash.


Before you start acquiring materials that are difficult to properly dispose of, start with what you already have. You can use towels, linens, comforters, and even clothing to safely wrap up items for packing. If you need additional materials, start with newspaper, which you can throw in your standard recycling bin. And if you do end up needing to use plastic packing materials, use a site like Recycle Finder to figure out exactly where you can drop them off once you’re done with them.



A move presents a perfect opportunity for getting rid of the things you no longer use and sending them on to a better purpose. When you’re getting organized for your move, sort the items you’re ready to get rid of into “donate,” “recycle,” and “toss” piles.


Your toss pile should be as small as possible, and should only include items that you really, truly can’t do anything else with.


You can donate unwanted items in good condition to a variety of charities, including Goodwill, Veterans for America, and local organizations like schools, libraries, and animal shelters. 



As for moving your home services, simply connect with ONIT Concierge! We can connect your utilities and home services like cable, satellite and internet in a single call. Call today: 800-610-2139

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