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5 Long-Distance Moving Tips To Help You Avoid Stress

July 22, 2020



Somehow you stumbled on this article because you are stressed, tired, and not looking forward to an impending long-distance move. And now you are realizing that long-distance moves are a ton of work. They involve more strategy and more complexity than shorter, local moves. You have to worry about making sure your possessions arrive unscathed, you worry about the long drive and the paperwork involved with establishing yourself in a new state, along with everything else. It’s a lot, even for the most organized of people.


To help, we’ve put together a comprehensive long-distance moving advice guide. These tips will help you better manage the complicated logistics, costs and unique stressors of a long-distance move.





A long-distance move requires a lot more steps than any other type of move. Unless you don't have the option, you should plan to give yourself at least 12 weeks of prep time for a long move. The more complex the move, the more time is needed. Three months is enough lead time for most arrangements to be made, but it can take longer with more complex international moves.


If you’re especially focused and organized, a long-distance move can be managed in as little as 8 weeks. We don’t recommend cutting it so close unless you have to, however. As with most major events, you have to expect the worse, but hope for the best. Meaning, you need to allow enough leeway for mistakes to happen.





A long distance move is much more expensive than a local move. You need to budget and organize yourself to ease your stress and worry. Organizing will be your best friend during a long-distance move. As soon as you know when you have to get to your new place, you should create a schedule. You’ll want to plan when you start packing and which rooms you’ll need to finish unpacking at which times. Sticking to the schedule you set for yourself will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed. Budgeting is also important. When you’re choosing a moving company to partner with for this endeavor, make sure to get lots of estimates. Be careful to choose your mover based on value, not just the lowest estimate. If a company breaks your stuff during a move, they’ll wind up costing you more money than a better company would, regardless of how low their initial estimate was!


You want to limit the number of surprises that come your way. The best way to do that is to conduct some research. You should also determine your moving budget and plan out your payments early so you know how much your move will cost. The same goes for scheduling. The more prepared you are, the less stressful it will be when the unexpected occurs.




A great concierge company will help make your move a bit more seamless. If you need a trustworthy moving company, internet provider, water filtration system installed...etc. A concierge company will be able to get you organized for all of it.


If you don't know of a concierge company that will do all of this for you, then you've come to the right place. That's what we do! 




Knowing everything you need and everything you need to donate ahead of time will help make moving and moving in a bit less stressful. For example, knowing the measurements of your kitchen will allow you to know what furniture you can and cannot bring.


This is also a good time to get rid of as many of your unneeded possessions as possible. The fewer things you keep, the fewer things you pay to move. The months before a long-distance move are a perfect time for a garage sale. Check out our blog on where to donate!




Knowing exactly what document updates you need to make before you move will be critical. Different states have different laws for how quickly you’ll have to update your documents. As a general rule, the best way to avoid potential legal troubles is to change them right away. This is especially important for your driver’s license and registration. Don’t forget other important updates like mail forwarding, pharmacy information, and school documents for kids.


The best way to face a long-distance move is to plan for it. If you need help with that, give us a call at (800) 610-2139 ! We’ve been helping people make their cross-state and cross-country moves as effortless as possible for years. 

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