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6 Things to Know About Moving in the Summer

June 4, 2020



Summer is considered one of the least favorable times of the year to move. It’s hot, humid, tornado season in some parts of the country, yet thousands decide to relocate in the summer anyway.


So, we put together a list of ways to minimize the stress and potential damage you could accrue by changing addresses during the hottest season of the year.


1. Don’t move in the summer.


If it’s at all possible, don’t schedule a move for the summer. From May 1 to Labor Day (the moving industry’s definition of summer), things go crazy. That’s when parents with school-age kids move, and that’s when the military does their personnel moves.


Moving in the summer is like trying to fly home for Christmas; because it's the busiest time of year, the prices are higher, schedules are squeezed, and the industry just doesn't have enough driver capacity to meet the consumer demand for moving services. Especially now. This causes blackout dates, long delivery spreads, and overall, fewer choices for you as a customer. With a summer move, you may not get the best packers and drivers -- companies have to hire on extra help in the busiest months, so you may not get the most experienced professionals. 


2. If a summer move is unavoidable, start planning ahead.


Moving in July? Start your research early and begin planning in May. At the very least, book six weeks ahead of time. They always say, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.


3. Arrange to move on the least busy days of the week.


Try to move on a weekday in the middle of the month. Whatever you do, avoid holiday weekends and the last weekend before school starts. Those are the busiest times of the year.


4. Be aware of what things should not be put into the moving van in the summertime.


Candles in a van driving through the desert in the summer will melt all over your other stuff; put them next to an air conditioner. Leather upholstered furniture will “sweat” if wrapped in plastic; use a pad instead. Plan ahead to keep vulnerable items out of the heat if you want to keep them intact.


5. Be kind to the movers -- they’re hot too.


Have cold bottled water available for the packing crew. Respect their needs to take reasonable breaks, especially if it’s uncomfortably hot. 


6. Think about air-conditioning at both ends of the move.


The doors to your home will be open for extended periods of time and the temperature inside will reflect the temperature outside. Prepare accordingly, remembering that you will literally pay the price if your air conditioners run for hours on end. And be sure that the electricity is turned on in the new home if it’s going to be hot there too.


Call (800) 610-2139 today to learn more - and if you are already in your new home, we can provide you with exclusive deals and lower rates on home services.


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